Modulus of Rupture Bars - Case Study

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The Challenge

A major defense contractor approached PremaTech for assistance with the production of protective closures for electronics equipment. The customer developed a proprietary advanced ceramic material and needed help fabricating a prototype, as well as with production.

The Solution

PremaTech machined Modulus of Rupture (MOR) bars to support material testing. PremaTech also took the customer's extremely rough blanks and precision-ground the inner and outer 3-D surfaces to the stringent specifications developed by the U.S. Department of Defense's prime contractor, providing large quantities of prototype parts during product development.

After the customer approved the prototypes, PremaTech ramped up to full production, providing exceptional product quality, and outstanding flexibility and responsiveness with regard to order turnaround times and quantities requested by the customer.

Finally, to the customer's extreme satisfaction, PremaTech performed 3-D inspections on the component's CAD-designed surface. Those tests yielded 100% compliance with quality requirements.

The Benefits

PremaTech's ability to meet the customer's stringent specifications, conduct prototype testing and engage efficiently in R&D activities has given the customer a reliable strategic partner that can work with them at every stage of development and production.

Based on 3-D inspection results, the customer trusts PremaTech implicitly to manufacture components of such high quality that the customer has eliminated acceptance testing, which has accelerated the customer's order turnaround times.

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