Zirconia Machining Case Study

PremaTech Separates Itself from Competitors Through Work with Analytical Instruments Manufacturer

The Challenge

A publicly traded manufacturer of analytical instruments approached PremaTech Advanced Ceramics about some critical fluid handling components from Zirconia for use in a next generation analytical device.

The Solution

A team of PremaTech engineers studied the customer's specifications and recommended several types of zirconia that could work for the particular application. PremaTech then fabricated prototype parts from each grade of material.

After the customer selected the material, PremaTech worked closely with the customer's engineers to optimize several critical features and dimensions. This collaboration led PremaTech to fabricate several design variations that maximized manufacturability and performance. The customer proceeded to finalize the design, allowing PremaTech to transition to volume production for one of the components.

The Benefits

With PremaTech's help, the customer was able to fill orders successfully for its next-generation analytical device, and first-year shipments have exceeded the customer's forecast significantly.

As PremaTech supports the customer's volume production requirements for one of the components, it is conducting R&D related to the other component.

PremaTech's capacity to support R&D and production simultaneously exemplifies the company's ability to give customers a high degree of expertise and outstanding value at all stages of the product life cycle.

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